Age:  24
Birth date:  28/01/1989
Hometown:  Bicester
Mechanic:  Phill (papa bear) Truman
Nickname:  Teddy
Hobbies: RC racing, Football, PC gaming and RC Commentary

Chassis:  Agama
Engine:  Bullitt
Tyres:  Beta
Fuel:  Piranna
Electrics: XP
ESC/Batteries: Reedy

Sponsors: Nemo racing – Agama, Beta, Bullitt engines, Piranna fuel, JEmodels, Kifopaint.

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How I got into racing is most likely the same storey as most out there. We used to have a local hobby shop not to far away from my house. One day my father and I went in just to have a look. Well me being 9 at the time, looking was not enough and I wanted everything I saw. The one thing that I instantly fell in love with though was a RC car! It had a all red shell and was a second car but I will always remember it because it had in capitals on the rear wing the best sticker! It just simply said.. Awesome! It was a Tamiya astute and I must have driven my dad mad for the next 30mins or so because there was no way I was leaving without it.. Oh yeah unless he dragged me. Which I can tell you he had no problem doing!

It was not long till Christmas and that car was the only thing that made my list. Now me being a kid I was always on the hunt for hidden Christmas presents. Sometimes finding things I wish I had not! One day I went to have a cheeky look under my mum and dads bed and there it was!! Red shell and ‘awesome’, sticker on the wing. I must have gone in and just looked at it everyday leading up to Christmas. Sad I know! Well to cut a even longer storey short 🙂 my dad had gone back and bought it and while he was there the guy behind the desk, told my dad about a local RC track.. The rest is history! I have never stopped racing since! Many highs and lows but it is still my hobby, I love it and have made the best friends possible because of it! Would not have changed It for the world. This hobby had made me who I am today!

Favourite track:  Competition Hobbies, USA AZ
Favourite Event:  Neobuggy
Best RC moment:  hard to put pin on just one
Goals:  Win a BRCA national and make a European main final.
Best RC buddies:  Lee Martin
RC Rivals: I have a few people I have to beat and hate getting beat by but better they not know 🙂


Career Highlights:

-Multiple BRCA National A finals in 2wd and 4wd Electric classes.
– MultipleBRCA National A finals in 8th Gas.
– Cactus Classic 13.5 short course champion
– 4TH European B championships
– Multiple British Junior championships
– Multipul British F2 championships

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