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Quick Reference – What to do if…

This guide was made just to give you ideas as to what to try in the following scenarios. To fully understand this guide, it is worthwhile reading the complete guide. If you just follow this sections advice, you may not achieve the results you are looking for, as some of the set up changes only have the desired result in certain conditions, or only to a certain extent. For example softer front shock springs might not give more steering, if you are already running soft enough springs. Everything is a matter of balance, and this chapter is just a source for ideas, of what you could try, if you are stuck, and cant think what to do.

What to do, if you want your car to have:

(We will modify this so it is one or two pages so you can easily print it out)

More Overall Steering:

Lower shock mounting in on arm.

Thinner oil in front shocks.

Softer front springs

Stiffer rear springs

Short rear upper link

Longer front upper link

Thinner or no front swaybar

Less rear toe in

Short Ackermann plate

More Steering Into the Corner:

Thinner oil in front diff

Less caster

Stand up front shocks on tower

Front upper link down on tower

Short ackermann plate

Steering link back on Ackermann plate

Thinner rear swaybar

Lean rear shocks down on tower

More Steering Mid-to-Exit of the Corner and On-Power:

Thicker oil in Front diff

More caster

Lean front shocks down on tower

Thicker rear swaybar

Stand up rear shocks on tower


Less Overall Steering:

Front shock out on arm

Thicker front shock oil

Stiffer front spring

Thicker oil in front diff

Thicker front swaybar

More rear toe-in

Long rear ipper link

Raise front upper link on tower


Better Jumping Ability:

Stand up shocks

Stiffer shock springs

Thicker shock oil

Smaller piston holes

More anti-sqat

More downtravel (specially front)

More kickup


More Rear Traction:

Long rear upper link

Raise upper link on tower compared to hub

Lower complete lower link

More rear toe-in

Thinner diff oils

Lean rear shocks over on tower

Larger holes, or more holes in piston


Better Bump Handling:

Adjust shock oil (usually thinner, check shock absorbers advice)

Lean shocks over on tower

thinner diffs

More rideheight

More downtravel

Cut tyres inside and outside


More acceleration and forward bite:

Thicker oil in diffs

Long upper links

Smaller clutchbell, larger main gear

Thicker clutchsprings


More stability in long sweeping corners:

Stiffer front springs

Stiffer swaybars

Thicker oils in diffs


What to do first on a high traction track:

Front shock out on arm

Stiffer swaybars

Less rideheight

Smaller piston holes or thicker shockoil


What to do first on a low traction track:

Lean shocks over

Larger piston holes, or thinner oil

Long upper links

More rideheight