Career: Siding and roofing company (construction)
Birth date: 3/18/1989
Hometown: spokane wa
Mechanic: Dylan Julian makes an appearance every two years
Nickname: TP
Hobbies: Motocross

Engine / Motor: Alpha Plus
Tyres: Aka
Fuel: Nitrotane
Electrics: Ko Propo
ESC/Batteries: Tekin/ protek

Sponsors: Alpha, Aka, Amain Hobbies, Protek, Ko Propo, Lucky 7rc, Tekin, Zig racing, Nitrotane and Raceteez

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Favourite track: Thunder Alley
Favourite Event: IFMAR World Championships
Best RC moment: I would have to say my best rc moment would have to be making the 2012 finals at the world championships, big accomplishment for me with the lack of racing that year.
Goals: Of course the number one goal is to win races, and do the best I possibly can at every race I attend. Also help support the companies I race for to further help them succeed as well!
Best RC buddies: I have so many friends in the rc world its hard to narrow it down, but i would have to say one of my best friends on and off the track is Rick McCrery
RC Rivals: I Don’t have any rivals, I guess I want to beat everyone equally!

When I was 12 my father and I drove by a track, and I was hooked instantly. I saved up for a few months and got a rtr RC10gt, from there I drove it around the streets for a while and then finally got the courage to go to a club race. I picked it up pretty quick, and some local guys told me I should go to some big races. I don’t live in a area where racing is very heavy or year round, so I had to travel a lot to try and get noticed. It was tuff and cost a lot of money, but eventually it paid off and I got some good results! Pretty much just kept at it from there and here I am, couldn’t have done it without the support of my dad in the beginning and a ton of locals in the rc scene!

Career Highlights:

– 2009 motorama 1st Gas buggy
– 2010 world championships 13th place
– 2011 Gas champs 2nd Gas buggy2012 motorama 1st electric buggy
– 2012 silverstate 3rd place truggy
– 2012 nationals 7th buggy 8th truggy
– 2012 world championships 10th place

Key Sponsor & Product Changes:

– Jan 2010, switched to Nitrotane fuel