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Posts tagged with YZ-4SF2

Yokomo YZ-4SF2 aluminium 6° steering hub carriers

See: Yokomo Yokomo have introduced the new aluminium 6° front steering hub carriers for the new YZ-4SF2 . The front steering hub carriers are machined from high-quality aluminium and come black anodized. Comparing with standard caster angle (8 degrees), the caster angle of 6 degrees provides a better cornering performance on high grip surfaces. The use […]

Teaser: Yokomo YZ-4SF2 4WD buggy

See: Yokomo Yokomo’s designer Shin Adachi unveiled on social media a photo of the forthcoming YZ-4SF2 4WD buggy. Based on the YZ-4SF, the new kit comes with 80% brand new parts. Detailed images and information about the YZ-4SF2 should become available very soon.