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AVID B6.1/YZ-2 Triad direct drive & carbon parts

See: AVID RC AVID have introduced new Triad direct drive for the Team Associated B6.1/D and the Yokomo YZ-2 and carbon fibre parts for the B6.1/D, T6.1, and SC6.1. First up is the Triad direct drive allowing stock racers to remove the entire clutch assembly for conditions where the driver feels having less rotating mass and […]

AVID B6.1 & YZ-2 Triad EVO slipper

See: AVID RC AVID have introduced the new Triad EVO slipper for the 6.1 Series by Team Associated (B6.1, B6.1D, T6.1, and SC6.1) and the Yokomo YZ-2. The design allows the clutch to transmit power, yet it still maintains a degree of slip without overheating. The Triad EVO slipper provides smoother throttle/brake feel in jumps […]

Yokomo YZ-2 aluminium bulkhead braces

Yokomo have introduced new aluminum bulkhead braces for the YZ-2. Used by Yokomo team this season, it increases the stiffness over the stock plastic braces to improve front end feel with more responsive steering, as well as better stability through jump landings and bumps on a variety surfaces and grip levels. Weight is similar to […]

Yokomo YZ-2 front swaybar set

Coming from Yokomo and made for the YZ-2  is a front swaybar set. This new set is a combination of smaller anti-roll bar wires diameter than standard version to adapt the YZ-2 at any kind of track condition. See: Yokomo

Cosmic Industries is alive!

See: Cosmic Industries Remember Offroad 1/8th scale IFMAR Worlds 2014? And the very first appearance of Cosmic Industries and Balancer-body kits with new aerodynamic approach and game-changing performance? Finally the waiting is over -Cosmic kits are now available! Guys at Cosmic Industries have spent almost two more years to fine-tune their products to perfection. The core idea of their products […]

Exotek YZ-2 & TLR 22 3.0 carbon LiPo straps

See: Exotek Exotek introduces new carbon LiPo straps for TLR 22 3.0 and Yokomo YZ-2 2wd buggies. The battery strap for the Yokomo YZ-2 is adjustable. It is also cut from heavy duty carbon fiber and weighs only 8gr with steel hardware. The slotted strap includes hardware that positions the lipo securely so that the bulky foam […]

LMR YZ-2 battery spacer weight

See: LMR LMR unveils a battery spacer weight for Yokomo YZ-2. This spacer weight comes in at 75g and has been working really well in testing to improve grip and stability. Positioned at the back, it gives you more traction and feels like a big LiPo.

Yokomo machines alu YZ-2 front hubs

Yokomo has just released their latest new option part for the popular YZ-2 2wd buggy. These are all-new aluminum steering hub carriers, designed to enable more rigid and linear handling (in other words…they make the YZ-2 easier to drive). The new hubs are available now.

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