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Yokomo YZ-2CAL3/DTM3 carbon fibre rear shock tower

See: Yokomo Yokomo have introduced a new carbon fibre rear shock tower for the YZ-2 CAL3 and YZ-2 DTM3. Based on the original 3 shock mounting holes, the new tower is machined from high-quality 4mm thick carbon fibre and comes with two additional holes, i. e. five shock holes overall as well as two wing mounting […]

Yokomo introduce new YZ-2CAL3/DTM3 aluminium option parts

See: Yokomo Yokomo have added to the range of optionals three new aluminium parts for the YZ-2 CAL3 and YZ-2 DTM3 in the form of an aluminium rear upper arm mount, a set of aluminium steering bellcranks, and an aluminium rear hub carrier set. The parts are machined from high-quality aluminium and come hard coated for […]

XactRC YZ-2 DTM3/CAL3 aluminum steering link

See: XactRC XactRC have introduced a new aluminum steering link system for the Yokomo YZ-2 DTM3 and and YZ-2 CAL3. The redesigned link will feature 4 flanged 3x7x3 ball bearings to minimize slop the steering rack assembly. This will help in low and high speed areas for both dirt and carpet racing. The aluminum link will […]

Yokomo YZ-2 Racing Performer titanium screw set

See: Yokomo Yokomo have added a new set of titanium screws for the YZ-2 DTM3 and CAL3 to their Racing Performer range. These high-precision cutting titanium screws are different from conventional titanium screws. Ultra-precision machined and made of high-quality titanium, the lightweight and durable screw features a precise central axis created by cutting to secure screwing […]