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Yuichi Kanai talks about aeration caps

During the Kyosho Masters Japan, Kyosho’s guru Yuichi Kanai showed how to properly assemble MP9’s shock absorbers equipped with the new aeration caps. Aeration caps make the car run more smoothly over the bumps, and feel like it has more grip on loose surfaces. The car also settles more quickly when landing from big jumps. […]

Yuchi Kanai continues with REDS

See: Reds Racing REDS Racing have announced that Yuichi Kanai has re-signed his contract with REDS. REDS are very pleased about the re-confirmation of his involvement in their team especially with his experience in 1/8 Buggy class. Yuichi had the following  to say: “For 2017 and 2018 I have chosen to continue with Reds. I […]

Kanai unearths 15 year-old ‘low profile’ cooling head prototype

Perhaps in a thinly-veiled ‘I was there first’ response to this morning’s rather ‘high profile’ release of OS’ new ‘low profile’ B2102 engine, Yuichi Kanai posted his own take of the low profile design, albeit 15 years ago when he was World Champion with RB. Despite getting it made and anodized his signature green colour, […]

Graha Raya Fun Race report

Race report by Michael Nugroho: The Graha Raya fun race was held last weekend at Graha Raya track, in Tangerang, West Java, Indonesia. A total of 58 drivers attended from Jakarta, Surabaya, Batam, Kendari, Banjarmasin, Balikpapan, Palangkaraya and Medan. We have 2 special guest Yuichi Kanai from Japan, the Kyosho “Shifu” and Shania Yulo the Kyosho […]

Worlds Flashback: 2000 Yuichi Kanai

The daddy of them all; Yuichi Kanai’s own design helped him win a World Championship he so craved and deserved, dedicating his life to the Inferno series of 1/8 Buggys. The 2000 Las Vegas Worlds proved to be the start of American style tracks introduced to the wider racing community as big jumps started to […]

Yuichi Kanai remembers his first worlds in 1986

The upcoming Worlds championships are around the corner and this seems to awaken some memories to Yuichi Kanai. Yuichi Kanai has built a strong reputation thanks to its professionalism and dedication to Kyosho and our sport also through his international career that began at the first World championship who was held at the Grenoble track […]

Feature & Poll: Will Kyosho’s Worlds wait come to an end in Las Vegas?

 “Long gone are the years where Kyosho would make up over half of the cars in the final…” Kyosho, a name synonymous with 1/8 Offroad Racing, not dissimilar in relation to the history, pedigree and relationship between Ferrari and Formula 1. Both companies make up the fabric of the ‘sport’ they race in – just as […]

Kanai already testing new parts for MP9 TKI4 ?

See: Purchase the Inferno MP9 TKI4 With the dust hardly settled on Kyosho’s rather of their Inferno MP9 TKI4 buggy, it’s no secret that Yuichi Kanai has been racking up the air miles travelling to and from Las Vegas – continually testing in preparation for the Worlds in October, the programme perhaps accelerated after an […]