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Posts tagged with Yatabe Arena

Video: A lap with Tebo at Yatabe

With the 2015 IFMAR 1/10 Worlds being held in the land of the rising sun starting to loom on the horizon, defending 2WD Champion Jared Tebo is attending this week’s Worlds Warm up event at Yatabe Arena, Japan – taking every chance to get as much pre-event experience in on the controversial indoor (yet outdoor […]

Yatabe IFMAR Worlds Facility Tour

The 2015 IFMAR 1/10 Offroad World Championships are fast approaching. The event will be held at the world renowned Yatabe Arena in Japan. As with any World Championship event, it wouldn’t be a World Championship without a little controversy. This year’s controversy falls on the surface of the track. The Yatabe Arena track will be […]

IFMAR 1/10 Worlds Spec Tires

The 2015 IFMAR 1/10 Offroad World Championships are fast approaching, and teams are preparing worldwide. At this time no official announcement has been made regarding the spec tires chosen for the event, however, sources say the official spec tires have in fact been chosen. Sources tell us the official spec tires for the event are […]

1/10 Worlds Warm-Up details & entry

New track, event, and entry details have been released today regarding the 2015 IFMAR 1/10 Worlds Warm-Up / JMRCA Nationals event. The track that will be used for the 2015 IFMAR Electric Off Road World Championship will be a temporary track (artificial turf surface) located where the carpet surface on-road track currently exists. The Warm-up […]

Worlds Warm-Up Practice changes

Changes have been announced regarding the upcoming IFMAR World Championship Warm-Up race at Yatabe Arena in Japan. The Warm-Up event will be held as part of the JMRCA 1/10 EP National Championship. At the request of the JMRCA, Yatabe Arena has cancelled the originally scheduled practice days prior to the event, and moved practice to […]

2015 Yatabe Worlds: Website live

The organisers behind the 2015 IFMAR 1/10 EL Offroad Worlds in Japan have launched the official event website, there isn’t a whole lot on there apart from a rather useful stage 1 report, complete with info, timetable and lots of details for the event in October. The website also has limited information about the JMRC […]

IFMAR green light for astro Worlds

The ‘Astrogate’ story continues today as an official announcement from IFMAR has been made regarding the surface rules for the 2015 IFMAR 1/10 World Championships at Yatabe Arena. The controversy as to whether or not the event can be held on an all astro covered track has been decided by majority vote. The existing IFMAR […]

2015 IFMAR Yatabe Worlds: Astrogate

The World Famous indoor Yatabe Arena in Tsukuba, Japan will be hosting the 2015 IFMAR 1/10 World Championships, the event looks set to be a trendsetter not only the first ‘indoor’ Worlds in 1/10th but also with the current layout and track made up of astroturf. Somewhat of a topic for discussion between the various world […]