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Exotek B6.1/XB2 carbon fibre LiPo tab & cup sets

See: Exotek Racing Exotek Racing have introduced two sets of carbon fibre LiPo tabs and cups for the Team Associated B6.1/T6.1 and the XRAY XB2/XT2. Both sets are designed to adjust the battery quickly, forward or way back, with ease as track conditions call for it. Also they securely cradle the battery in place for added […]

XRAY XB2 35g stainless steel battery weight

See: XRAY XRAY have introduced new 35g stainless steel battery weight for the XB2, XB4 and XT2. The 35g stainless steel weight was specially-designed for placement beneath short battery pack to add weight as low as possible. It makes the car easier to drive and improves landing.

XRAY XB2 graphite composite diff case & cover

See: XRAY XRAY have introduced the new graphite composite diff case and cover for the XB2 and XT2. The 53T gear differential case and cover are made from specially-formulated graphite composite mixture for increased strength and lower weight. Both provide the perfect balance between reliability and performance. The parts are available separately.

XRAY XB2 graphite composite steering blocks

See: XRAY XRAY have introduced new graphite composite steering blocks for the XB2 and XT2. The composite steering blocks are molded from specially-formulated graphite composite material to provide a perfect balance between reliability, durability and performance. They increase stability and cornering speed in most track conditions, especially for high and very high-traction tracks.

XRAY XB2 & XT2 carbon chassis side guard braces

XRAY have introduced new carbon chassis side guard braces for the XB2 and XT2. Machined from high-quality carbon material, once installed at the front, they make the front chassis flex stiffer. The carbon chassis side guard braces comes with all equipment necessary for their installation. See: XRAY

XRAY XB2C/D & XT2 soft graphite chassis side guard brace

XRAY have introduced new soft graphite chassis side guard brace for the XB2C, XB2D, and XT2. The graphite chassis side guard brace with the soft setting offer a new front chassis flex adjustment allowing more cornering speed and more forgiving landings. When the brace is installed at the front of side guards, the front chassis […]

Lunsford XB4 & XT2 Titanium Turnbuckle Sets

See: Lunsford Racing Lunsford Racing have introduced two new titanium turnbuckle sets for the XRAY XB4 and XT2. Designed to replace the kit’s standard steel turnbuckles, the “Punisher” set for XB4 includes 7-piece while the “Super Duty” set for XT2 includes 8-piece. The XB4 set comes with one M3 x 50mm titanium turnbuckle (Servo), four M3 x […]

Exotek XB2 & XT2 option parts

See: Exotek Exotek have added new option parts for the XRAY XB2 and XT2 including the Flite top shaft for XB2, carbon fiber adjustable LiPo cups for XB2 and XT2, carbon fiber front tower, carbon fiber rear lay-down gearbox tower and carbon fiber rear stand-up gearbox tower for the XT2. First up is the Flite ultra light […]