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Posts tagged with XB9’13

XB9’13 wins 2013 Maltese Champ

XB9’13 wins 2013 Maltese Championship

The last two rounds of the Maltese Buggy Championship took place at the M.M.O.R.R.C Off-Road track in Rinella on Saturday, 20th July. Dillon Cassar won the Championship with Frank Azzopardi claiming second and Kyle Spiteri (Ex Maltese champion) placing third. There was a battle for 4th and 5th place by Noel Micallef and Lawrence Mangion […]

XB9’13 wins French Nationals R3

XB9'13 wins French Nationals R3

Held in Reding, North East of France near Strasbourg, the third round of the French nationals offered again some muddy racing! Everything started great on Saturday with a dry track after a few rounds of practice however the decision was made to cancel one round of practice in order to allow 4 rounds of qualifications […]

XB9’13 wins Hessencup R1 & R2

XB9'13 wins Hessencup R1 & R2

The German outdoor season starts with the first of eight Hessencup races which also act as qualifying for the German Nationals. The first round took place at MAC Dannstadt’s new facility and despite having a few problems with the timekeeping in the heats and starting in the quarters Xray team driver, Simon Eser managed to […]

XRAY XB9 Review – Part 4 2013 Spec

Review Links: Part 1 – Introduction Part 2 – The Build | Build Photos  Part 3 – The Track test… | Photo Gallery Part 4 – 2013 Spec Upgrade | Photos Purchase the XRAY XB9 @ A Main Hobbies today After putting the XB9 through it’s paces on track, we returned to the wrench bench and did a tear […]

XB9’13 Wins Greek Nationals Rd1

XB9’13 Wins Greek Nationals Rd1

The first round of the Greek nationals took place at FRT dirt track in Athens, Greece. Drivers from all over Greece came to compete and start the 2013 Championship with many hopes and expectations. The track was open from Friday for testing. XRAY drivers Tasos Paparegas and his brother made the trip and came from […]