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Posts tagged with XB9

New XB9 Graphite Lower Arm Plates

XB9 Graphite Lower Arm Plates

Xray is proud to announce the release of their new graphite lower arm plates for the XB9. These optional upgrade parts allow for stiffer arms and make the car more stable and easier to drive under high-grip conditions. The plates can be easily mounted / dismounted on the arms with 4 screws, and easily change […]

XB9 wins Czech Championship R1

This weekend the first round of the Czech Nationals took place in Horní Jelení. Unfortunately the forecast for the weekend was really bad, with rain all weekend long. Practice for both the electric and nitro classes were scheduled for Saturday however Martin Bayer completed only a few laps with his XB808E and decided not to […]

XRAY XB9 Review – Part 4 2013 Spec

Review Links: Part 1 – Introduction Part 2 – The Build | Build Photos  Part 3 – The Track test… | Photo Gallery Part 4 – 2013 Spec Upgrade | Photos Purchase the XRAY XB9 @ A Main Hobbies today After putting the XB9 through it’s paces on track, we returned to the wrench bench and did a tear […]

FTW’s Night Fox for Xray XB9 ’13

FTW's Night Fox for Xray XB9 '13

Performance packaged in convention-smashing style defines FTW’s philosophy. The iconic Night Fox design has illustrated this while winning races across the globe. Xray’s XB9 2013 is the latest beneficiary. Tailored to fit the 2013 Spec’s wider chassis, the newest Night Fox features a suite of refinements that take the tradition to new heights. Sculpted sidepods […]

XB9 wins at Portuguese Regionals

XB9 wins at Portuguese Regionals

This past weekend Team XRAY had an almost perfect appearance at the Portuguese 1/8th Off Road Regionals, by winning 2 out of 3 big races. The Portuguese Regionals are divided by 3 regions, North, Center and South; the team won North and the Center and dominated the South almost until the end of the race. North: Usually […]

XRAY XB9 Review – Part 3 on track

Review Links: Part 1 – Introduction Part 2 – The Build / Build Photos  Part 3 – The Track test… / Photo Gallery Having bonded a bit with the XB9 during the build, ‘Neo-Stig’ finally gets to flex his finger muscles by taking the car to the track as he completes the final touches and puts […]

XRAY XB9 Review – Part 2 Build

Review Links: Part 1 – Introduction | Part 2 – The Build / Build Photo Gallery After Part 1’s introduction, we get down to the nuts and bolts of the XB9 review with the all important bonding session between man and car – the build. Building the XRAY XB9 From the first moment of unboxing […]

Review – XRAY XB9 Intro

Barely two months into the new layout, we’re pleased to announce that NeoBuggy will be branching into the minefield that is product reviews! We’ll be approaching this tricky topic with the same journalistic honesty, style and flair as with any hot news story that might appear on the site however taking help from our own […]