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T-Work’s XRAY & Tekno rear skid plates

See: T-Work’s T-Work’s have introduced rear skid plates for the XRAY XB8 and XB9, and Tekno RC NB48.4 and EB48.4. Machined from stainless steel, his ultra thin design will greatly increase the durability and protect your rear end of the chassis.

New Xray XB9 Brake Pad SLS

New Xray XB8 Brake Pad SLS

Pictured above is Xray’s new new ultra-efficient brake pads which have been manufactured from special slip-free material for the XB9. Buy XRAY @ A Main

in: 1/8 Offroad, Options, XRAY

New XB9 Lightweight Clutch Bells

New XB9 Lightweight Clutch Bells

Xray is proud to announce the release of their new lightweight clutch bells for the XB9 which have been precision machined from HUDY steel while being strategically lightened without sacrificing strength or durability. Buy XRAY @ A Main

in: 1/8 Offroad, Clutch, XRAY

New Xray XB9 Body

New Xray XB9 Body

Xray has announced the release of their new ultra-low profile high-performance body for the XB9E. The sides of the body are specially designed to feature a perfect fit around the side guards, preventing dirt from entering while the rear body mount hole is oval-shaped to ensure that the body mount has movement room and will […]

in: 1/8 Offroad, Body, XRAY

Wollanka & XB9 are Austrian Champs

Wollanka & XB9 is Austrian Champion

Martin Wollanka has been crowned the Austrian 1/8th Champion after winning 3 out of 4 championship rounds with his Xray XB9. Martin’s full report can be found here.

XB9 Fuel Tank with Floating Filter

New XB9 Fuel Tank with Floating Filter

Pictured below is Xray’s new XB9 fuel tank which features an integrated floating stone filter to ensure the fuel pickup is always in the correct orientation – even if your car isn’t. This fuel pickup system will allow fuel to continue to flow to your engine, even while waiting for a marshal put your car […]

in: 1/8 Offroad, Fuel, XRAY

Xray’s High-Torque Clutch Springs

Xray's High-Torque Clutch Springs

Xray have announced the release of their new medium clutch springs for the XB9 high-torque clutch. The medium spring allows for good overall engagement point, though with slightly different characteristics in comparison with earlier springs. They are available in grey and in sets of 3. Buy Xray @ A Main

in: 1/8 Offroad, Clutch, XRAY

New XB9 Long Progressive Springs

Xray XB9 Long Progressive Springs

Ultimate high-performance racing springs give you additional precision tuning options for your XRAY model racing car! Developed through extensive testing and racing experience, these racing springs were designed and precision-crafted to have a more progressive rate than standard XRAY racing springs. As the car enters the corner the spring is softer which generates more grip, […]