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Posts tagged with XB9 Review

XRAY XB9 Review – Part 4 2013 Spec

Review Links: Part 1 – Introduction Part 2 – The Build | Build Photos  Part 3 – The Track test… | Photo Gallery Part 4 – 2013 Spec Upgrade | Photos Purchase the XRAY XB9 @ A Main Hobbies today After putting the XB9 through it’s paces on track, we returned to the wrench bench and did a tear […]

XRAY XB9 Review – Part 3 on track

Review Links: Part 1 – Introduction Part 2 – The Build / Build Photos  Part 3 – The Track test… / Photo Gallery Having bonded a bit with the XB9 during the build, ‘Neo-Stig’ finally gets to flex his finger muscles by taking the car to the track as he completes the final touches and puts […]

XRAY XB9 Review – Part 2 Build

Review Links: Part 1 – Introduction | Part 2 – The Build / Build Photo Gallery After Part 1’s introduction, we get down to the nuts and bolts of the XB9 review with the all important bonding session between man and car – the build. Building the XRAY XB9 From the first moment of unboxing […]

Review – XRAY XB9 Intro

Barely two months into the new layout, we’re pleased to announce that NeoBuggy will be branching into the minefield that is product reviews! We’ll be approaching this tricky topic with the same journalistic honesty, style and flair as with any hot news story that might appear on the site however taking help from our own […]