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XRAY XB8E 1/8 E- Buggy Teaser

XRAY tease us with their new XB8E platform – already victorious at this year’s NEO Race in the hands of Ty Tessmann.  Stay tuned on June 19th for the full exclusive release.

XRAY XB8 & XB8E High-Speed body

XRAY have introduced a new high-performance racing body for XB8 and XB8E. XRAY have redesigned downforce areas to increase the rotation and speed in the corners. This high speed body is produced from high-quality, premium Lexan material. The body comes clear and includes window masks. See: XRAY

XRAY 1/8 Lexan rear wing

XRAY have introduced a super lighweight 1/8 Lexan rear wing designed for a perfect fit to XB8 and working in conjuction with the XRAY off-road bodies. The wing is produced from high-quality original Lexan material and is completely pre-cut for maximum comfort. The wing has an adjustable position and consists from two pieces, the main wing […]

XRAY XB8 to XB8E conversion list

Around the globe, electric 1/8 scale buggy racing has become quite popular on all levels of racing. In some places electric 1/8 (aka E-Buggy) has actually taken priority over nitro 1/8 buggy racing. XRAY has released an official list of parts and hardware for XB8 owners looking to try their hand at E-Buggy instead of […]

XRAY unveil 1/8 electric ‘XB8E’ Buggy

Having revamped the nitro side of XRAY’s 1/8 buggy line up, the e-Buggy category was next up to receive the ‘XB8’ platform treatment; “The XB8E is the next evolution of the XRAY off-road concept”. Featuring superior weight balance and weight distribution and more forgiving and easy-to-control handling, the XB8E is ready to set a new […]

XRAY goes electric with the XB8

After much success with the XB8 nitro platform, XRAY has announced today the all-new XB8E is coming soon! While the front and rear of the car we assume will be the same as the nitro XB8, it’s what is hiding under that sexy new body that really counts. Stay tuned for more details!