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Posts tagged with XB8

Aigoin Racing 1/8th buggy carbon fibre side guards

See: Aigoin Racing French company Aigoin Racing have introduced new carbon fibre side guards for the most popular 1/8th buggies on the market. Made from high-quality carbon fibre, the side guards feature the same shape as the stock plastic parts but improve rigidity, add some flex and save weights while offering a factory style. The […]

Flash Point R/C MBX8 1-piece wing button

See: Flash Point R/C Flash Point R/C have introduced a new 1-piece wing button for the Mugen Seiki MBX8. Manufactured in U.S.A. from 3mm aluminum sheet, it comes anodized in black, and machined with the FP logo. The part is lightweight, durable, and helps support the wing during hard impacts. It’s a direct bolt on for […]

RC-Project XB8 titanium shock standoffs

See: RC-Project.it Italian company RC-Project have introduced the new titanium shock standoffs for the XRAY XB8. Machined from high-quality 6Al4V titanium, the standoffs come hard coated for wear. The shock standoffs match the angle of the arm as well as the angle of the shocks in order to provide a proper suspension operation. The parts […]

XRAY XB8 eccentric steel IAC bushings

Source: XRAY XRAY have introduced new steel eccentric IAC brushings for the XB8 and XB8E. The eccentric brushings for Integrated Adjustable Caster allow for caster adjustment in range +2° ~ -2° depending on the orientation of the bushings. The eccentric bushings have a milled out slots which will enable the screws to anchor them, thus […]

XRAY XB8 soft hardness C-hub lower suspension arm

See: XRAY XRAY have introduced a new soft hardness C-hub lower suspension arm for the XB8 (’17 and later) and XB8E. The front lower suspension arm for C-hub suspension is molded from soft hardness composite mixture, super-tough, high-tech composite material. The C-hub is perfectly suited for lower traction and short technical tracks & smooth surface […]

XRAY XB8 “Zero Rebound” shock absorbers

See: XRAY XRAY have introduced new “Zero Rebound” shock absorbers for the XB8 and XB8E. “Zero Rebound” shocks can be set to allow less rebound than standard shock absorbers, decreasing responsiveness and improving bump absorption on bumpy tracks. The special design of the shock body and upper cap allows the installation of a ribbed shock […]

XRAY XB8 71.5mm rear shock shafts

See: XRAY XRAY have introduced new 71.5mm rear shock shafts for the XB8 and XB8E. The thick, robust 3.5mm rear shock shaft is precisely machined from special high-tensile steel and hand-ground for a super-smooth finish to ensure smooth movement in the shock body. It is 4mm longer than standard shock shaft to provide more droop. […]

XRAY 4-shoe clutch set

See: XRAY XRAY have introduced the new 4-shoe clutch set for the XB8 and XT8. The 4-shoe clutch features smaller, lighter internal parts, and the design allows for more balanced clutch bell engagement compared to the traditional 3-shoe design. The 4-shoe clutch design allows for super-easy clutch setting from soft to hard setting, each suitable […]