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T-Work’s XB8 aluminium joint cup set

See: T-Work’s Products T-Work’s have introduced a set of two aluminium joint cups for the XRAY XB8. Machined from 7075-T6 aluminium, the joint cup features a hardcoated surface for wear and will help reduce the drive train weight and increase power response.

XRAY XB8 aluminium monobloc engine mount

See: XRAY XRAY have introduced a new monobloc mount for the XB8 (2016 and later) and XT8’17. Machined from Swiss 7075 T6 aluminium black anodised, the ultra-strong construction provides very long life and durability in even the most extreme racing conditions. The monoblock design is stiffer than standard single engine mounts and provides solid engine mounting […]

XRAY XB8 2-way flow Delrin shock piston set

See: XRAY XRAY have introduced five sets of 2-way flow Delrin shock pistons for the XB8, XB8E and XT8. Manufactured from specially-formulated composite material, the pistons provide smooth action & durability. Well-proven molding process ensures perfect piston roundness after production, so that the pistons move perfectly inside the shock bodies for identical shock action in […]

AVID XB8 carbon rear chassis braces

See: AVID RC AVID have introduced the carbon rear chassis braces for the XB8 and XB8E. The rear chassis braces are made from high quality carbon fibre 1.5mm thick each and designed to stiffen up the rear of the car for high traction surfaces. They come with three stainless steel screws and nuts.

XRAY XB8 medium hardness composite front suspension arms

See: XRAY XRAY have introduced new medium hardness composite front suspension arms for the XB8. The medium-hardness front lower and upper suspension arms are made from high-tech composite material. The exclusive composite mixture used for suspension arms gives a perfect balance between reliability and performance. the suspension arms are rigid enough for a responsive feel, […]

XRAY XB8 extreme heat resistant center diff pins with inserts

See: XRAY XRAY have introduced new extreme heat resistant center differential pins with inserts for the XB8 and XT8. The 3.5 x 33 mm pins are machined in steel and precision-ground polished. They are suited for internal satellite gears used in large center differential. The steel inserts directly mounted in differential case increase the lifetime, […]

XRAY XB8 composite rear mud guards

See: XRAY XRAY have introduced new composite rear mud guards for the XB8 (2014 and later), XB808, XB9 and GTX cars. These lightweight composite mud guards for rear suspension arms are easy to mount and they protect the rear drivetrain in wet and dirty track conditions. The set comes with one left and one right […]

XRAY XB8 long shock shafts

See: XRAY XRAY have introduced new long shock shafts for the XB8 and XB8E. These thick, robust 3.5mm front and rear shock shafts are precisely machined from special high-tensile steel and hand-ground for a super-smooth finish to ensure smooth movement in the shock body. The 58.5mm front shock shafts and the 67.5mm rear shock shafts […]