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XRAY XB8 5 Dots front progressive springs

XRAY have introduced new front progressive springs for their XB8. These springs are slightly progressive, but under more compression they change characteristics to become more linear. This gives an excellent feeling & feedback in all different track conditions. See: XRAY

XRAY XB8 lightweight high speed body

XRAY have introduced a lightweight version of their high speed body for XB8. The high-speed body has redesigned downforce areas to increase rotation and speed in corners. The lightweight version of the body ensures that the car has less weight atop the car for less roll, increased cornering speed, and more aggressive handling. The body […]

T-Work’s XRAY & Tekno rear skid plates

See: T-Work’s T-Work’s have introduced rear skid plates for the XRAY XB8 and XB9, and Tekno RC NB48.4 and EB48.4. Machined from stainless steel, his ultra thin design will greatly increase the durability and protect your rear end of the chassis.

XRAY XB8 front & rear anti-roll bars

XRAY have added new front and rear anti-roll bars to their range of anti-roll bars for the XB8 and XT8. They are made from premium heat-treated spring steel material and laser-engraved for easy identification. These anti-roll bars are available in 1.6mm, 1.8mm and 2.0mm thick for the front and 1.8mm and 2.0mm thick for the […]

XRAY XB8 soft & ribbed shock membranes

XRAY have introduced new soft and ribbed shock membranes for the XB8 and XT8. These shock membranes are molded from softer transparent rubber. They offer less rebound and are better for bumpy tracks and high speed tracks. The membranes feature an internal bottom ribs to maintain shape while the specially-formulated rubber material ensures equal damping […]

XRAY XB8 +2mm alu rear lower suspension holder

Coming from XRAY and made for the XB8 is the new +2mm aluminium rear lower suspension holder. Machined from high-quality 7075–T6 aluminium, the roll center is moved by +2mm to allow for super fine roll-center adjustment. Raising the rear suspension holder makes the car “rotate” more in corners. A must have for short & technical […]

XRAY XB8 & XB8E High-Speed body

XRAY have introduced a new high-performance racing body for XB8 and XB8E. XRAY have redesigned downforce areas to increase the rotation and speed in the corners. This high speed body is produced from high-quality, premium Lexan material. The body comes clear and includes window masks. See: XRAY

XRAY XB8 & XT8 center differential spur gears

Coming from XRAY and made for the XB8 and XT8 are three new center differential spur gears. These large external spur gears for center differential machined from special HUDY steel material which has been specially developed for gear-type products, additionally hardened and precision ground to fit the tightest tolerance requirements for perfect fit with the […]