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XRAY 48P hardcoated aluminum pinion gears

XRAY have introduced hardcoated aluminum pinion gears for the XB4, XB2 and XT2. They are made from tough 7075 T6 aluminum and specially hardcoated for superior strength, light weight, and high durability. Created on a special gear machine, all pinions feature ultra-precise tooth shaping and ultra-true running for vibration-free operation. See: XRAY

XRAY XB4 graphite composite upright & steering block

XRAY have introduced new molded composite steering block and rear upright for the XB4. These parts are made from specially-formulated graphite composite material for maximum strength, perfect for high-traction conditions. The parts give a perfect balance between reliability and performance and make the car more stable and increase cornering speed. For maximum drivetrain reliability, larger […]

XRAY XB2 & XB4 composite shock ball joint 21mm

See: XRAY XRAY introduces new 21mm molded composite shock ball joint for XB2 and XB4. These ball joints are +4mm longer than standard ball joints, allowing greater suspension downtravel. Fits front and rear shock absorbers. Set of 2.

XRAY XB4 +3.75mm offset alu wheel hub 12mm

See: XRAY XRAY introduces 12mm aluminum wheel hubs with +3.75mm offset for wider track-width for XB4. They are CNC-machined from Swiss 7075 T6 aluminum for optimum strength, balance and lightness, black coated and marked for easy identification. Secured on drive axle by set screw. Set of 2.

Exotek XB4 12° alloy caster hub set

See: Exotek Exotek introduces new 12° caster hubs for the XB4 series (any XB4). They are precision machined from heavy duty 7075 aluminium then polished and anodized in glossy black and laser etched for easy left right identification. They are machined down to 6 grams per hub for lightness but much stronger than the stock plastic […]

XRAY XB4 – World Champion in details

See: XRAY Bruno Coelho shares with you all the details about his XB4 he used to win the World Championship as well explains which option parts he uses and what effect they have. “Here is list of all option parts I have used on my XB4’16 in Japan to win the World Championship, and in […]

XRAY XB4 graphite steering brace

See: XRAY XRAY introduces new graphite steering brace plate for XB4 4wd buggy. CNC-machined from 2.0mm premium-grade graphite material, the graphite steering brace plate increases steering and improves landings from jumps, but makes the car less stable.

XRAY XB4 lightweight body

See: XRAY XRAY has introduced new low-profile aerodynamic body for XB4 4wd buggy. This high-performance body is designed by XRAY to perfectly fit the car. It is lightweight (-40%) and manufactured with high-quality premium Lexan™ material. The low-profile body reduces the roll of the car and improves rotation in corners on very-high-traction tracks. Features high-downforce areas for proper air flow, and side […]

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