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Exotek XB4 & D216 alloy steering crank sets

See: Exotek Coming from Exotek and made for the XRAY XB4 and the HB Racing D216 are the aluminium steering crank sets. Both are machined from 7075 alloy and sport 4 extra bearings (replaces all bushings) and a crush sleeve to attach the stock steering plate for super smooth, wobble free steering motion and long lasting […]

RDRP XB4/XB2 aluminium wing plate

See: RDRP Revolution Design Racing Products have introduced their new aluminium wing plate for the XRAY XB2 and XB4. The part is a direct fit on all XB2 and XB4 buggies and the 1-piece 7075-T6 aluminium construction improves the durability and aerodynamic efficiency of all buggy wings with flat middle section as it makes for […]

RDRP XB4/2 aluminium wing mount

See: RDRP Revolution Design Racing Products have introduced an aluminium wing mount for the XRAY XB2 and XB4. Machined from aircraft-grade 7075-T6 aluminium and coming anodised for wear and looks the parts replace the standard composite mounts with a more sturdy and cooler looking variant. The mounts come heavily machined in RDRP’s signature finned look […]

AVID XB2/4 titanium shock standoffs

AVID have introduced new titanium shock standoff set for the XRAY XB2 and XB4. Machined from billet 6Al-4V titanium, they include Avid’s FastTune feature which allows you to use a common 1.5mm Allen wrench to prevent the standoff from spinning while using a 5.5mm socket wrench on the other side. The other solutions out there […]

RDRP XB4 brass rear motor weight

See: RDRP Revolution Design Racing Products have introduced their new Brass Rear Motor Weight for the Xray XB4 buggy. It is an essential option part and should be on top of everyone’s agenda when it comes to buying new stuff for the buggy. Weighing in at 26g and being made of high-quality brass the weight […]

XRAY XB4 9° graphite C-hubs

XRAY have introduced new 9° molded composite C-hubs for steering blocks of the XB4. The specially-formulated graphite composite material is a perfect balance between reliability and performance. Roll center position can be quickly and easily adjusted by inserting different thickness shims atop the caster block, between the block and vertical ball stud. See: XRAY

XRAY XB4 12mm aluminium wheel hubs

Coming from XRAY and made for the XB2, XB4 and XT2 are the 12mm aluminium wheel hubs. CNC-machined 12mm wheel hubs made from Swiss 7075 T6 have +4.5mm offset for wider track-width. Strategically machined for optimum strength, balance, and lightness. They are also marked for easy identification and secured on drive axle by setscrew. Available […]

XRAY XB4 1 Stripe & 3 Dots linear springs

Coming from XRAY and made for the XB4, XB2 and XT2 are the 1 stripe/3 dots linear springs. These optional springs have a constant spring rate throughout the entire spring compression. They are softer than the 1 dot springs and specifically designed to complement the big-bore shocks. The springs, like all other XRAY springs, are […]