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Posts tagged with VSR Products

VSR Products Unicorn VRC-Pro PC adapter

See: VSR Products VSR Products have introduced the new Unicorn VRC Pro PC adapter for any 2.4gHz 4-channel receiver. The adapter allows to setup marshaling, refueling and other functions with the buttons on your radio and not have to touch the keyboard. It provides also higher frame rates and lower latency than the original VRC adapter.

VSR Products B74 angled fan mount

See: VSR Products VSR Products have introduced the new angled fan mount for the Team Associated B74. It mounts onto the top of the carbon plate for the center diff/slipper and it allows clean access to the battery terminals without having to remove the battery, and making sure it limits any contact with the B74 body. […]

VSR Products Thor wireless charge system

See: VSR Products VSR Products have introduced a new universal wireless charging system for RC called Thor. Project Thor was developed over weeks of experimenting and testing, the charging system is built around an universal base that can charge anything that is wirelessly compatible, even phones. For the meantime Thor is only suitable for Sanwa M12/S/RS, […]

VSR Products Easy Ball Diff Builder

See: VSR Products VSR Products have introduced the new Easy Ball Diff Builder to all common 1/10 scale ball differential components 3/32″ or smaller. Dealing with small differential balls during a rebuild is tedious and frustrating. The tool is designed to hold all of the diff balls in the main compartment, and then allows them to […]

VSR Products 8IGHT X-E battery protector

See: VSR Products Coming from VSR Products is the new battery protector for the Team Losi Racing 8IGHT X-E. The guard covers the center diff gear and prevents it from rubbing on the battery during heavy impacts, all while helping stop rocks and debris from getting jammed in the gear mesh. The guard is 3D printed […]

VSR Products 8IGHT-X rear diff shim set

See: VSR Products VSR Products have introduced a set of rear diff shims for the TLR 8IGHT-X and 8IGHT X-E. The set comes with a 1mm and 2mm shim along with 4 M4 screws to replace the stock ones. Raising the rear diff is extremely beneficial when running on smoother tracks with medium to high grip […]

VSR Products ride height gauge handle

See: VSR Products VSR Products have introduced a ride height gauge handle. Cylindrical ride height gauges offered by companies like GHEA provide a small, easy to adjust solution to a vital part of vehicle set-up. However, it is often difficult to put underneath a vehicles’ chassis and remove it without bumping the car with your hand. […]

VSR Products ballcup tool

See: VSR Products VSR Products have introduced the new ballcup tool. Designed with the latest in CAD software and produced on industry leading 3D printers, the VSR ballcup tool can be used in multiple ways: you can twist it by hand using the ribbed surface, or use a 7mm wrench for ultimate ease and speed. The […]