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Be ready, 2017 Season 2 is about to start on VRC Pro!

See: VRC World VRC invite you to compete in the upcoming 2017 Season 2, starting July 8th. 2017 Season 2 will be 6 events of which the 4 best results will count for the Season 2 Championship. Season 2 will end November 13th, which then allows for a full 6 weeks for the 2017 VRC Worlds. […]

BarcoOff track soon on VRC Pro

See: VRC World VRC Pro have unveiled a brand new full size off-road track that we know well at neobuggy, the BarcoOff track, home of the annual Bittydesign Euro Contest. This edition of the track features the 2014 lay-out with a length of 310m! The track is ideal for 1:8 nitro and electric buggies, as well as […]

David Ronnefalk takes VRC Worlds title

See: VRC World 2016 IFMAR World Champion David Ronnefalk has claimed his first VRC World Championship title by winning the 15 minute long A-Main open final 1/8 electric buggies at the RC Tracks of Las Vegas off-road track, the very same track Ronnefalk won his IFMAR Worlds title 3 months before. 2014 VRC World Champion Marcin […]

David Ronnefalk tops table on day 2 VRC Worlds

See: David Ronnefalk, 2016 IFMAR World Champion started his quest to add a virtual Worlds title to the prestigious Worlds title he won in Las Vegas back in October ’16. Ronnefalk, an early VRC Pro adopter, will compete in both the 1/8 electric buggies and in 1/8 nitro buggies VRC Worlds.  David topped the table […]

VRC Pro adds RC Tracks of Las Vegas

VRC presents: the 2016 IFMAR Worlds track in Las Vegas. It has taken the VRC team little over 2 months to get this exciting track ready for the 2016 VRC Worlds. With 2016 IFMAR World Champion David Ronnefalk on the drivers list this is your chance to re-live the 2016 IFMAR Worlds and try to […]

Rally X in VRC PRO

See: VRC Pro Introducing an exciting new racing class in VRC Pro: Rally X (Rally Cross). Based on the popular WRX style rally racing, VRC Pro delivers a complete new r/c racing experience, a true mix of on- and offroad racing on special Rally X tracks. Rally X events will also visit existing on-road tracks like Heemstede and […]

VRC annouces the first Rally X World Championship

See: VRC Pro Traditionally December is VRC Worlds month. Not only the annual holiday season, but also the most anticipated month in virtual r/c racing. Thousends of r/c racers from all over the world are now preparing for the VRC Worlds. This year VRC will introduce a new class: Rally X and they will kick of the VRC Worlds […]

VRC Pro releases the 2015 NEO-X track

See: VRC Pro On Thursday March 24 VRC Pro releases a new off-road track: the 2015 NEO-X edition of the world-renowned indoor off-road event organized by This coincides with the start of the 2016 edition of this event which starts on Friday 25th.