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VRP 1/10 & 1/8 V2 shock stand

See: Vision Racing Products VRP have introduced their new V2 shock stand for both 1/10 and 1/8 off-road vehicles. This is a 3 piece shock stand like the previous stand and features a carbon fibre top and base, along with an aluminum center post. The new carbon top features slots to hang your shocks upside down […]

VRP B6 aluminum front gullwing shock towers

See: Vision Racing Products Vision Racing Products have introduced two new aluminum front gullwing shock towers for the Team Associated B6. CNC machined from USA 7075 american aluminum, the front gullwing shock towers are anodized black or blue with chrome edging and Laser Etched at the VRP Factory in Houston, Tx. There are two versions available, first an […]

VRP B6/B6D aluminium motor plates

See: Vision Racing Products (VRP) Vision Racing Products have introduced two aluminium motor plates for the Team Associated B6 and B6D. The VRP line of 7075 cnc machined spur guard motor plates are designed to help protect your spur gear from rubbing the body as well as add style to your laydown transmission on your […]

VRP “GameChanger” pistons

See: VRP VRP presents the latest evolution of their XV2 piston and the Quick Rebound System, the “GameChanger” shock pistons. Rebound System: First we started with our XV2 Piston and the Quick Rebound System it has. It was important to keep the exact function of that system because its proven track performance and obvious ease […]

Patent application filed by VRP

See: VRP Vision Racing Products is proud to announce that a second patent application has been filed on new technology that has been developed over the last year. This will advance the shock piston to have not only the ‘Patent Pending’ – Rebound System, but also have a ‘Patent Pending’ Reactive Compression System. More details to come […]

VRP ‘XV2’ pistons coming soon

See: VRP Just a few months ago Mike presents the moto inspired ‘X’ shock pistons from VRP (Vision Racing Products). Through testing and user feedback VRP has started working on the next evolution of their ‘Patent Pending’ pistons. These pistons called “XV2” are now almost ready! The peculiarity of the “XV2” pistons is to give excellent results that are proven on a variety of track surfaces. From […]

VRP expands & announces new EU pistons coming soon

See: VRP VRP (Vision Racing Products) is proud to announce a major stepping stone in the company’s growth, as their all-new 1/10 and 1/8 scale ‘X’ Shock Pistons are now available on! Over the past few months, the VRP pistons have become a popular choice of racers around the nation. Since the spike in […]

VRP moto inspired ‘X’ shock pistons

Introducing the VRP ‘X’ Piston from Vision Racing Products. The ‘Patent Pending’ Piston Design delivers a stock looking piston that utilizes the familiar aspects of R/C pistons, such as hole size and number, with the addition of a rebound system. It is common knowledge in the motorcycle racing industry that these elements are present in […]