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Posts tagged with Viking Design Works

Viking Design Works D216 adjustable battery brace

See: Viking Design Works After months of testing, Viking Design Works have introduced an adjustable lateral battery brace for the HB Racing D216. The battery brace assembly has two parts: and upper and lower plate. Both plates interlock using a “backbone” to precisely guide the plates for on the fly battery position adjustment. It moves forwards […]

Viking Design Works D216 front wing

See: Viking Design Works Front wings appear to be the new standard for mid-motor buggies racing on high grip surfaces. Viking Design Works has developed and an elegant new style front wing option for the HB Racing D216 platform. Taking design cues from F1 and Time Attack racing, the front wing creates a large amount of […]

Viking Design Works differential service station

See: Viking Design Works Viking Design Works have introduced an unique and innovative tool, the differential service station. A critical part of any modern race RC vehicle is the differential. Performing quick changes, maintenance, and rebuilding are vital for optimal differential performance. But let’s face it: doing this can be a messy, unorganized, and a frustrating […]