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XRAY XT2 ultra light body & rear wings

See: XRAY XRAY have introduced a new ultra light body and rear wings for the XT2. The redesigned XT2 body allows shock absorbers to be mounted either in front or rear positions. The high-performance aerodynamic body offers high-downforce areas for proper airflow and also the lowest CG possible to avoid chassis roll in most track […]

Aerox Cougar KC & KD ultra light body

See: Schumacher Racing Schumacher have introduced the new Aerox ultra light body for the Cougar KC and KD. The Aerox ultra light body is especially designed for high traction conditions where traction roll is a problem. The body is made from 0.5mm polycarbonate and is 17 grams lighter than the standard Aerox body and 30g lighter […]