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Ty Tessmann Pro Tip: Axle height setting on the XB2/4’20

Source: Ty tessmann (Youtube) Ty Tessmann has released a new and helpful ‘Pro Tip’ video giving a quick breakdown of the effects of adjusting the axle height on the XB2’20 and XB4’20.

Tessmann & Rivking win at 2019 Team Associated Off-Road Champs

Source: Ty tessmann (Facebook) The 2019 Team Associated Off-Road Championships was once again hosted by Trackside Hobbies in Brookfield, Wisconsin. The high grip, clay surface combined with years of track building experience makes this one of the best facilities in the USA. In the 2WD buggy Modified class it was Ty Tessmann (XRAY/Hobbywing/Pro-Line Racing) who set […]

Ty Tessmann doubles at U.S. Open Fuel Champs

Source: Ty Tessmann (Facebook) The U.S. Open Fuel Championship was held at the Sun City R/C Raceway in Canutillo, Texas. The popular event attracted 115 entries and a few of top gun such as Ty Tessmann (XRAY/O.S.Engines/Pro-Line Racing) and Jared Tebo (Tekno RC/Maxima Mx/AKA). In the Nitro Buggy class it was T.Tessmann who set the overall […]

Tebo & Tessmann win at 2019 Lonestar Challenge

See: Tekno RC This past weekend was held the 2019 Lonestar Challenge at the Thornhill Racing Circuit in Hutto, Texas. Ryan Lutz (Agama) took the overall TQ in the Pro Nitro Buggy class but in the 45-minute final it was Jared Tebo (Tekno) who grabbed the win from Cole Ogden (HB Racing) in second while […]

Ty Tessmann doubles at Factory Tracks Invitational race

Source: Ty tessmann (Facebook) This past weekend was held the Factory Tracks Invitational race at the EN Hobbies indoor track in Columbus, Ohio. The Reedy race format was adopted for the event and the 2WD Buggy and 4WD Buggy Invitational classes will be raced with all racer classes combined. XRAY’s Ty Tessmann brought home the win […]

Ty Tessmann doubles at Big Barn Shootout

See: XRAY This past weekend was held the Big Barn Shootout in Chilliwack, Canada. The track was very large, fast and a cool layout. This year they had a lot more entries which made for longer days and stiffer competition, with drivers coming from as far as Ontario and the North western United States as […]

Ty Tessmann doubles at 2019 Chi-Town Shootout

Source: Ty tessmann (Facebook) This past weekend was held the 2019 Chi-Town Shootout at the Leisure Hours Raceway in Joliet, Illinois. In the 2WD Modified Buggy class it was Ty Tessmann (XRAY) who set the overall TQ and also the win in the triple A-mains by winning A1 and A2 from Ron Devoll (Team Associated) in second […]

Tessmann & Thompson win at Dirt Classic

See: XRAY This past weekend was held the Dirt Classic race at he Trukz RC track in Calgary, Canada. With temperature outside reaching -23 celsius, they were able to keep the temperature inside the building to a balmy 15 degrees celsius. The grip on the track was very low, because of the low temps outside, […]