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Top 25 Rankings update after One Man One Race

See: Top25RC Top 25 RC world driver rankings have been updated after the One Man One Race. David Ongaro takes the win in front of seven drivers inside the top 25 ranking in attendance.

Elliott Boots #1 at Top 25 Rankings

See: Top 25 RC In a bemusing turn of events… A non American driver is promoted to the top of the Top 25 standings after the ROAR (N.American) Championships… Jared Tebo earns his second 1/8 National title after a crazy final at the 2017 ROAR Nationals. Ryan Lutz continues his great year by finishing second […]

Top 25 Rankings update after Manufacturers World Cup

See: Top 25 RC The Manufacturers World Cup at A-Main Hobbies happened over the weekend with a small but very talent rich field of drivers. With a unique format ,the winner would be decided between Ryan Maifield and Ty Tessmann in the final race. After a great race Ty was able to take the win […]

Elliott Boots #2 at Top 25 Rankings

See: Top 25 RC Elliot Boots continues a string of great results by winning the Nordic Contest. Boots had a long battle with world champion David Ronnefalk while separating themselves from the rest of the field on the brutal racing surface. With the win, Boots makes the move up the list to the #2 ranking. […]