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Exotek TLR 22 & 22-4 option parts

See: Exotek Racing Exotek Racing have introduced three new option parts for the Team Losi Racing 22 and 22-4 in the form of LiPo tab and post, diff saver sleeves and -3mm spring perchs. First up is the ultra lightweight LiPo tab and post for the 22-4. The carbon fiber tab holds normal shorty packs securely […]

Schelle B64 & TLR 22 option parts

Schelle Racing Innovations have introduced four new option parts, two for theTeam Associated B64 and two for the TLR 22 platform. First up are the products for B64 and B64D. The Schelle front top deck is CNC machined from 2.5mm carbon fiber. With the top deck the car turns, sets, and exits in a smooth arc. […]

Exotek TLR 22 carbon fibre LiPo strap

See: Exotek Exotek have introduced the carbon fibre LiPo strap for the TLR 22 3.0 and 4.0 series buggies and trucks with stand up gearbox. This extra light weight strap (only 8.2 grams) is made from high quality carbon fiber lipo strap and comes with an alloy hinge plate for secure mounting. The carbon fibre LiPo […]

Exotek unveils new TLR 22 mid motor chassis set

See: Exotek When the TLR 22 was originally released, it revolutionized the buggy class with never before seen innovations that brought the buggy class back to new heights with many iconic features that the rest of the industry soon incorporated. Now, with almost 2 years of testing and development, Exotek introduces this new chassis upgrade […]

Pro-Line pre-cuts new TLR 22, AE RC8B3, & Kyosho MP9 bodies

See: Pro-Line Racing Pro-Line Racing has released a list of new pre-cut bodies today, ranging from the TLR 22 ‘Phantom’, Team Associated RC8B3 ‘Predator’, to the Kyosho MP ‘Type-R’.

New Silencer body for TLR 22 2.0 MM

New Silencer body for TLR 22 2.0 MM

JConcepts have announced the release of their new Silencer body for the popular TLR 22 2.0 MM buggy… A brand-new, ground up design, the Silencer, has new elements created for the highest speed circuits. A profiled, Finnisher stance cockpit and forward raised side-pod gives the Silencer an immediate fighting appearance. A smooth, high-speed transition around […]

TLR 22 Bellcrank Steering System

New TLR 22 Bellcrank Steering System

TLR have announced the release of their new bellcrank steering system for the TLR 22 series. When implemented the bell crank steering system provides a reduced amount of Ackermann throughout the turning throw making the vehicle less aggressive off-center and adding steering lower speed due to an increased outside wheel angle. No modification is required […]

JC’s TLR 22 Front Axle Conversion

JC's TLR 22 Front Axle Conversion

One of the best upgrades you can make to the TLR 22 line of vehicles is to convert the front axle to a more user friendly design. A critical point of the conversion revolves around the front axle and surrounding geometry, the crew at JConcepts has provided a great alternative. JConcepts has conveniently built the […]