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Exotek 22 4.0 titanium hinge pin set

See: Exotek Racing Exotek have introduced a set of titanium hinge pins for TLR 22 4.0. Precision machined from lightweight premium titanium, the set weighs only 11gr, almost half the weight of the stock pins. The full set of hinge pins are available for the front and rear inner and outer arms for 17.5 spec class […]

AVID 22 4.0 carbon fibre electronics tray

See: AVID RC AVID RC have introduced a new carbon fibre electronics tray for the TLR 22 4.0. Made from 1mm thick carbon fibre, the electronics tray is an excellent way to remove your electronics without raising the CG or adding much weight at 4.4g. The option part comes with two stainless steel M3x10 FH […]

MIP Pucks 22 4.0 series 17.5 Drive System

Coming soon from MIP and made for the TLR 22 4.0 series of buggies is the Pucks 17.5 Drive System. The Pucks Drive system is an aluminum based drivetrain system which includes a 2-piece aluminium outdrive cup and aluminium outdrive hub, two Bi-metal bones, and the replaceable plastic orange wear Pucks that take the place […]

Exotek 22 4.0 titanium front axles & YZ2 alloy top shaft

See: Exotek Exotek have introduced the Flite front axles for the TLR 22 4.0 and the Flite top shaft for the Yokomo YZ2. First up are the 12mm front axles. Precision machined premium titanium, they weight only 3.5 grams per pair. These axles reduces the rotational mass as well as unsprung weight over the stock axles. […]

175RC TLR 22 4.0 18g brass weight

See: 175RC Coming from 175RC and made for the TLR 22 4.0 is the 18g tranny weight. This optional brass ballast weight will allow you to tune the rear weight bias of your chassis to suit various track conditions and will give the car more overall rear grip while. This brass weight includes Ti-Look mounting screw.