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Kyosho MP10 titanium turnbuckle set

See: Kyosho America Kyosho have introduced a set of titanium turnbuckles for the Inferno MP10. Machined from high-quality titanium, the lightweight titanium turnbuckles reduce the weight of chassis and improve steering response and suspension movement. The set includes seven parts including front and rear upper rods, steering tie rods and a steering servo rod.

HB Racing D418 titanium turnbuckles

See: HB Racing HB Racing have introduced new titanium turnbuckles for the D418. Available in three sizes including M3x29mm, M3x38mm and M3x34mm, the turnbuckles are precision machined from high-quality titanium to save weight compared to the stock steel turnbuckles and they are reverse threaded for easy adjustment.

T-Work’s XB8’19 Ti turnbuckle, screw & Alu pivot ball sets

See: T-Work’s Products T-Work’s have introduced new option parts for the XRAY XB8 2019 in the form of sets of titanium turnbuckles, titanium and steel screws and aluminium pivot balls. The titanium turnbuckle set includes seven lightweight yet durable turnbuckle made in high-quality 64 grade titanium. The set comes including a 4mm and a 5mm turnbuckle wrenches. […]

T-Work’s introduce new ZX7 option parts

See: T-Work’s Products T-Work’s have introduced new option parts for the Kyosho ZX7. First up are a gold-plated steel screw set and titanium UFO head screw set. The gold-plated screws add some bling while the titanium UFO head screws allow to save some weight. Also new are the titanium ball end set and the titanium turnbuckle set […]

Lunsford YZ-2 Titanium Turnbuckles & Ball Studs

See: Lunsford Racing Lunsford Racing have introduced new option parts in the form of titanium turnbuckles, ball studs and ball cups for the Yokomo YZ-2 DTM World Edition. The 3.5mm turnbuckles and 4.8mm ball studs are made from Grade 5 quality titanium. This combination of heavy duty parts greatly increases strength and longevity over the stock […]

T-Work’s JQ Black Edition titanium turnbuckles & screw sets

See: T-Work’s Coming from T-Work’s and made for JQ THECar Black Edition are titanium turnbuckles and screw sets. First up are the turnbuckles, machined from 64-grade titanium and offer a lower weight compared to the standard spring steel links. Also new are a set of UFO head titanium screws and also a set of gold-plated steel […]

T-Work’s YZ-2 DTM optional parts

See: T-Work’s T-Work’s have introduced a whole host of new optional parts for the Yokomo YZ-2 DTM. These optional parts include a set of gold plated steel screws including 101pcs, a set of titanium turnbuckles as well as a hybrid version with a turnbuckle wrench, a set of titanium ball ends and a set of titanium […]