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Posts tagged with Titanium Screws

R1 Wurks V21 titanium screws

See: R1 Wurks Brusless Motor Lab R1 Wurks have introduced the new set of 6-piece titanium screws designed for the R1 V21 13.5T, 17.5T and 21.5T moteurs. (doesn’t fit V21 25.5T motors) The set consists of three titanium can screws and 3 titanium timing screws, machined from strength titanium. The use of the titanium eliminate the […]

T-Work’s XB8’19 Ti turnbuckle, screw & Alu pivot ball sets

See: T-Work’s Products T-Work’s have introduced new option parts for the XRAY XB8 2019 in the form of sets of titanium turnbuckles, titanium and steel screws and aluminium pivot balls. The titanium turnbuckle set includes seven lightweight yet durable turnbuckle made in high-quality 64 grade titanium. The set comes including a 4mm and a 5mm turnbuckle wrenches. […]

T-Work’s introduces new XB4 options

See: T-Work’s Made for the XRAY XB4 is a range of new option parts from T-Work’s. First up are two screw sets, one with gold-plated steel screws and the other with titanium screws with UFO head design. Next up is a titanium turnbuckle set and a titanium ball end set. Also new are two hard coated […]

Yokomo precision machined titanium screws

See: Yokomo | Buy Yokomo products Yokomo are constantly raising the bar when it comes to innovation and quality, and they announced the finest precision machined titanium screws ever released in RC. These are precisely machine grounded and cut to complete perfection, and offer a true fit, which will see these screws never wear or deform […]