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Avid B6 series titanium goodies

Avid have introduced new titanium optionnal parts for the Team Associated B6 and B6D. First up is the titanium screw kit, a full kit with 90 screw that can be used on both B6 editions. The titanium screw kit is 40% lighter than the kit steel screws. Each package contains card insert with screw sizes […]

Team Associated Factory Team B6 & B6D titanium screw kit

Team Associated have introduced new titanium screw kit out of their Factory Team line of accessories. The titanium screw kit is made as a direct replacement of the stock steel screws, they save weight, add durability and a certain amount of bling to your RC10B6 and B6D. 90 screws included, 86 for the B6 and […]

Schelle announces TLR 22 Ti screw kit

Schelle Racing has announced their newest Titanium screw kit today, catering to the TLR crowd. The Schelle 40 piece TLR 22 2.0 Mid-motor Upper Titanium Screw Set outfits a mid-motored TLR 22 2.0 Buggy with the optional TLR Bellcrank Steering. Schelle premium Titanium screws are made of Grade 5 Titanium Alloy (commonly known as 6Al-4V) with […]