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Posts tagged with Titanium Ball Studs

Lunsford SBX-410 Ti ball stud & turnbuckle sets

See: Lunsford Racing Lunsford Racing have introduced new titanium parts for the Corally SBX-410 in the form of 4.8mm ball studs and 3mm Punisher turnbuckles. The option parts are made from certified Grade 5 6Al-4V titanium to greatly increase the strength, save a 45% weight over steel and provide anti-corrosion properties are greater than stainless steel. The […]

Lunsford YZ-2 Titanium Turnbuckles & Ball Studs

See: Lunsford Racing Lunsford Racing have introduced new option parts in the form of titanium turnbuckles, ball studs and ball cups for the Yokomo YZ-2 DTM World Edition. The 3.5mm turnbuckles and 4.8mm ball studs are made from Grade 5 quality titanium. This combination of heavy duty parts greatly increases strength and longevity over the stock […]

T-Works B64 titanium ball studs

See: T-Work’s Coming from T-Works and made for the Team Associated B64 are titanium ball studs. Machined from high-quality 64-grade titanium, these optional parts are designed to replace the standard steel ball studs, heavier and less strong and durable. The ball studs come as set or as pair in various dimensions: 4mm, 6mm, 8mm and 10mm.