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T-Work’s JQ Black Edition titanium turnbuckles & screw sets

See: T-Work’s Coming from T-Work’s and made for JQ THECar Black Edition are titanium turnbuckles and screw sets. First up are the turnbuckles, machined from 64-grade titanium and offer a lower weight compared to the standard spring steel links. Also new are a set of UFO head titanium screws and also a set of gold-plated steel […]

JQ talks about the BLACK Edition

THECar designer/factory driver/guru/agitator of ideas/crazy (a bit) Joseph Quagraine explains what the idea is behind the new BLACK Edition buggy by JQRacing. A lot of pictures, and an explanation of the changes to the buggy are available in English, German and French. Soon, JQ will also release a set up guide, specifically written for the […]

Pre-order JQRacing BLACK Edition now available

See: JQRacing After 6 years and 5 Editions, JQRacing have announced that the newest THECar BLACK Edition whose the official release date is set at 1st of April is available for pre-order now. Videos and a lot of information about the car will be releasing in the coming weeks showing all the changes, as well as […]

JQRacing THECar “Black Edition”

JQRacing have announced the soon release of their forthcoming THECar “Black Edition”. The official release will be made in 2 parts: the first part gives features and some information about the “Black Edition” such as a multiflex engineered 3mm ergal chassis, new ultra crash resistant front and rear hingepins, new 2.0 ackermann plate, ultra optimised […]