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Posts tagged with The Word of Wheels

Word of Wheels: ‘Silly Season’ Rumors

It is once again that time of year when teams start picking up new drivers, dropping the old, and everything in between. Several major announcements have already been made with superstars such as Ryan Lutz and Elliott Harper leaving Team Durango, David Ronnefalk leaving Kyosho, and rumors of several more continue to stir. So the question is, what is true and […]

The Word of Wheels: The New Kid

When it comes to R/C cars, there is nothing more fun than trying to show off to the neighbor kids by flying up and down the streets, catching some big air, or maybe busting out a donut or two. By now, all of the neighbors (young and old) know that I am an avid R/C […]

Offroad: Bloody knuckles or tutus?

Were you an avid R/C racer back in the 1980’s? I was too young back then, BUT I have seen the footage, heard the stories, and can only dream of what offroad racing used to be. Looking back, this seems like the glory days of RC – racing on loamy tracks, knobby tires that required […]

Big shoes to fill at Team Associated

(Photo by Tony Sanders) Remember when you were a kid, and you’d put on your dad’s shoes – your feet were way too small to fill such big shoes… After a choppy few months for Team Associated, they’ve been in the ‘tabloid headlines’ once again it would seem as they look to fill the gaping void left […]

The return of stadium truck?

In the early 2000′s, by far one of the most popular offroad racing classes in America was 1/10 scale 2wd stadium truck (both nitro and electric). As the year’s passed, the nitro stadium truck (aka “gas truck”) was the first to lose popularity as the all-new 1/8 truck (truggy) class was introduced. Shortly after, the […]

‘Wheels’ makes his B44.2 predictions

News of Team Associated discontinuing the B44.2 4wd buggy spread like wild-fire as AE fans are temporarily left without a 4wd buggy. If this were the SC10 4×4 short course truck being discontinued we might be worried there is no replacement coming, however, seeing that the company just won the IFMAR 4wd Buggy World Championship […]