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Posts tagged with TeamOrionShop.com

Orion CRF RS Review: On the track

After an unpredictable European spring and summer finding the perfect conditions to test an engine has been anything but easy. With much assistance from the iPhone’s weather app we found a perfect day, borrowed an Inferno MP9, and headed to the track. Twenty six degrees celsius and a clear sky: perfect conditions; a cooler temperature […]

Orion CRF RS Review: First Look

The Team Orion CRF project is one of the few real innovations that has shaken up the engine market in the last decade, with the acronym “CRF” standing for “Concept Ramela Fabrice”. The CRF engines feature a unique crankshaft designed by Monsieur Ramela, and further developed by World Championship winning competitors and designers including Adrien Bertin. […]

Introducing TeamOrionShop.com

Many of our eager readers and clued up fans have noticed the subtle ascendancy of the new TeamOrionShop.com platform – a new venture, concept, patnership and platform between Reno Savoya and Team Orion (not dissimilar to the SweepShop.eu concept but with engines rather than tyres! TeamOrionShop.com offers a new way of promoting and distributing the Team Orion […]