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Orion’s Nitrostar at Italian Job Race

As a fair few of our readers will distinctly recall, the team behind created a new concept challenge called, “Team Orion Nitrostar“. The aim? Discover the next David Ronnefalk! You always dreamed about racing with the fastest guys in the world like David, Reno Savoya or Jared Tebo? You want Adrian Bertin to break in and […]

Bertin explains Orion’s ‘CRF’

Its Adrien Bertin day on NeoBuggy! If like us, on occasion you may be a curious sole, might have wondered what the initials ‘CRF’ referred to on much of Team Orion’s gear and until recently Adrien Bertin’s racewear (according to the article below he’ll be wearing his new HB / HPI clobber which he got […]

Team Orion tease us ever more…

About 10 days or so ago… well ok, late November time, just before Xmas fever got turned up a notch or 3 Team Orion announced their Nitrostar programme to immediate intrigue and suspense amongst the online RC racing fraternity. Not content with preparing for the winter skiing season Swiss brand Team Orion are gearing up for […]

Team Orion’s ‘Nitrostar’ programme

Team Orion have kept their heads down since their 2WD 1/10 victory with Jared Tebo in September, and it seems they’ve been hard at work behind the scenes working on an X Factor / Pop Idol type program to find ‘the next star’ – Enter your name to be in with a chance to be […]