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Posts tagged with Stephen Bess

Team Associated RC8 B3 First Drive Exclusive

“This is the biggest, most important project in Team Associated history.” – Bob Stellflue, Associated Design Engineer FEATURE BY STEPHEN BESS Vehicle names fascinate me.  Sometimes a name has deep meaning, while other times they mean nothing at all. Curious automobile names include BMW’s new M3, which is now called the M4; the Infinity Q45, […]

Thoughts On ’15 The Dirt Nitro Challenge

The Nitro Challenge 2015: A Melting Pot of Competition and Exhaustion Article by Stephen Bess The RC industry is better for having The Dirt Nitro Challenge in it. There’s simply nothing else like it. Several pros said that the DNC is “the RC world’s Daytona 500,” or is “the RC equivalent of Woodstock/Bonnaroo.” People come […]

AMain.com: The full story on expansion and rebranding

INTERVIEW: KENDALL BENNETT – Founder/CEO AMain.com BY: Stephen Bess Few names are as synonymous with RC mail order as A Main Hobbies, now known as AMain.com Performance Sports and Hobbies.  Built from owner Kendall Bennett’s garage in 2004 into the mega giant multi-hobby outlet it has become today, AMain is the American Dream come to […]

First Look Exclusive: ProTek Samurai

First Look Exclusive By Stephen Bess: Known as military nobility in Japan’s rich history, samurai were renowned for their fighting skills and their eponymous battle swords that are now displayed over the mantle of every aging hipster in America. ProTek RC, a division of A-Main Hobbies, sent word to the industry just last week that […]

Associated B5 Track Feature

Feature: Associated B5 on Track By Stephen Bess After giving Associated’s new B5 a thorough shakedown at SDRC earlier this winter, I eagerly anticipated the arrival of our test B5 rear motor kit for full testing.  Rather than bore you with a generic “review” which would insult your intelligence, or show you photos of suspension […]

Quick Review: AVID’s Truss wheels

Quick Review: AVID ‘Truss’ 1/8 buggy wheels. By Stephen Bess While considering the challenge that AVID RC faced when designing their new 1/8-scale buggy wheels, I emptied out my collection of cliches and settled on an old favorite: how does one re-invent the wheel?  It’s a difficult question, and while perhaps AVID hasn’t technically “reinvented” […]

DNC thoughts: Tessmann’s brilliance

Day 5 – Tessmann’s Brilliance By Stephen Bess If you tuned in to the Nitro Challenge coverage expecting to see anyone except Canada’s Ty Tessmann atop the podium, you wasted your time. Tessmann wrapped up his race weekend by capturing his second championship in less than 24-hours, winning the 1/8-scale nitro truggy title last night […]

DNC Day 4 – Changing of the Guard ?

Day 4 – Dirt Nitro Challenge, Main Day #1 By Stephen Bess A Changing of the Guard?  I’ve been absent from national-level RC racing for nearly a year now due to a personal illness, and in that time something remarkable seems to have happened.  When I last attended a national caliber off-road race, I could count […]