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T-Work’s titanium turnbuckle & aluminium ball sets

See: T-Work’s Products T-Work’s have introduced two sets of titanium turnbuckles and aluminium balls for the Kyosho MP10 and also two sets of stainless steel shim washers. The titanium turnbuckle set includes seven turnbuckles machined of high-quality titanium offering a low weight and durability. The set comes also includes a wrench.

T-Work’s stainless steel shims

See: T-Work’s Products T-Work’s have introduced new stainless steel shims. Coming in 5 x 10 x 0.1mm, 5 x 10 x 0.2mm and 5 x 10 x 0.3mm thickness, the shims allow to adjust the slack. The stainless steel shims are available in 10 pieces set and also in a set including 10 pieces of each thickness.