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Serpent UK celebrates 1-year anniversary with ‘Halloween Madness’

See: Serpent UK Serpent UK Off-Road is 1 year old this week. To celebrate they are having a Halloween Party, and that means a “HALLOWEEN MADNESS” sale! “To give all customers and racers a mega opportunity to try the Serpent products at an unprecedented price, we have worked with the factory to offer you all a […]

Serpent designs new SRX ‘Slide Drive’

Serpent has just released their new ‘Slide Drive Set’ for the Spyder SRX series buggys and short course truck. This unique system, designed by Billy Easton, creates a slop-free connection between the driveshaft and differential outdrive. The slides provide a larger contact surface than standard pins, and in turn this improves power transfer. The new […]