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Anthony Mazzara teams up with Speedzone

See: Speedzone USA Speedzone have announced the signing of Anthony Mazzara to their team. The TLR driver will run the latest generation Speedzone motors and graphene LiPo batteries in all 17.5 Spec classes.

Speedzone Brushless motors

See: Speedzone Speedzone have introduced their latest brushless motor based on months of testing and previous customer feedback. This latest motor is the most powerful, efficient, tunable and lightweight motor ever offered by Speedzone. The motor’s can was built to allow maximum air flow, keeping temperature cool and the motor efficient. The stator was designed to […]

Speedzone 7.4V 5000mAh Lipo battery pack

See: Speedzone USA Speedzone’s have added to their line of hard case LiPo packs a 5000mAh 120C battery pack. This pack comes in standard 2S dimensions with 5mm inboard connectors and weighs under 290g. The biggest advantage of this pack is the high average voltage and super low resistance, making it perfect for not only spec […]

Speedzone Elite series brushless motors

See: Speedzone Speedzone have released a new line of brushless motors called the Elite Series. The Elite Series line compliments the Peerless Series. With more linear feel, this latest offering allows a user to have every available motor option to suit track conditions and racing environments. A variety of turns are available and each motor is […]