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Raw Speed Slick Short Course tyre

See: Raw Speed Inc Raw Speed have introduced their new Slick tyre for Short Course Trucks. A paid careful attention to the shape of the tyre including how crown meets the sidewall to create a very consistent handling tyre for high grip surfaces. The Slick tyre comes as pair including high quality closed cell inserts.

Sweep 2wd front ‘Nonslip’ & ‘Tri-Rib’

Sweep Racing has added two new patterns of 2WD buggy front tyres to their line-up. First up is the new ‘Nonslip’ slick tire for traditional style 2.2″ wheels. The tire surface is race-ready by a sand blasted mold, no need to sand before use. Available in ultra soft Silver, extra soft Blue, soft Red, medium White and […]

JConcepts orders ‘Smoothies’ for all!

JConcepts remains committed to 1/10 off-road racing by releasing the Smoothies. In some conditions in off-road racing, there is no denying that a slick tire is the fastest way around the track. Throughout the racing calendar year, there are several tracks where slicks in gold compound are the go-to tire. In damp weather, indoor clay […]