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Serpent SDX4 aluminium steering crank set

See: Serpent Serpent have introduced a new aluminium steering crank set for the Spyder SDX4. Machined from black anodised aluminium, the parts are full ball bearing supported. Compared to the plastic stock steering crank, the aluminium steering cranks offer a heavy duty design and provide super smooth, wobble free steering motion and long lasting performance […]

Serpent SDX4 V2 carbon fibre shock towers

Serpent have introduced two V2 carbon fibre shock towers for the Spyder SDX4. These improved front and rear shock towers are made from high quality carbon fibre and feature optimised up travel, camber link settings that are a bit more spaced , four shock angle holes and an optimized droop. The V2 carbon fibre shock […]

T-Work’s SDX4 stiffener bushing sets

See: T-Work’s T-Work’s have introduced two rear stiffener bushing sets, in aluminium and brass for the Serpent SDX4. The bushings are machined from high-quality aluminium or brass and they anodised in black with silver or gold chamfered edge details. A aluminium rear stiffener bushing set includes 5 pcs while the brass rear stiffener bushing set includes […]

Serpent SDX4 roll center spacer

Serpent have introduced a roll center spacer for the Spyder SDX4. Made from 2mm aluminum hard coated, the spacer fits below the differential into the chassis.  You can also put 2 on top of eachother to create 4mm spacer. The design is made such way that the 2 spacers will also lock in position. Depending […]