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HB/HPI issue Savoya statement

HB/HPI have broken their silence as the ‘Savoya Saga‘ continues to intrigue readers, fuel message boards and conspiracy theorists, we were issued with the following short and blunt statement from official sources: “HPI USA is ending the sponsoring contract of Mr Reno Savoya from the 11th of January 2016.  Mr Savoya no longer represents the […]

HB/HPI terminate Savoya’s contract

HB/HPI Racing are seeing sweeping changes to their driver line up, the unexpected news of Drew Moller announcing an ‘RC Hiatus’ dwarfed by today’s shock headline of Reno Savoya’s contract termination barely more than a year into a four year deal. With rumours already in full flow, Savoya chose to put out a personal statement on Facebook […]