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Posts tagged with S35-3E

RC Carbon Cavalieri S35-3E carbon fiber fan support

See: RC Cars Cavalieri Due to a large number of requests following the introduction of the carbon fiber fan support for the SWORKz S35-4E, German company RC Carbon Cavalieri have introduced a new version for the S35-3E. Machined from high-quality carbon fiber, the part incorporates a 40mm fan support as well as centre bulkhead brace. The […]

Bittydesign S35-3E Vision body

See: Bittydesign Following the release of the Vision body for the SWORKz S35-3 Nitro Buggy, Italian company Bittydesign have introduced the new Vision body for the S35-3E. The Vision project stems from the desire to offer to the Off-road enthusiasts a high-performance body shell thanks to meticulous design at the vanguard of design and style. Tested for […]

RC-Project S35-3 Valente Edition V2 Ackermann steering set

See: RC-Project.it RC-Project have introduced the new set of Valente Edition V2 Ackermann steering for the SWORKz S35-3 and S35-3E. Machined from high-quality Ergal 7075-T6, the parts come black anodized and laser-etched with RC-Project and “Valente Edition” logos. The new Ackermann geometry gives more consistent cornering and improves cornering speed with an exceptional entry and […]

Aigoin Racing 1/8th buggy carbon fibre side guards

See: Aigoin Racing French company Aigoin Racing have introduced new carbon fibre side guards for the most popular 1/8th buggies on the market. Made from high-quality carbon fibre, the side guards feature the same shape as the stock plastic parts but improve rigidity, add some flex and save weights while offering a factory style. The […]

SWORKz S35-3E wide rear suspension conversion kit

See: SWORKz SWORKz have introduced a new wide rear suspension conversion kit for the S35-3E. Used by the SWORKz factory drivers, the conversion kit became a ‘Must Have’, allowing to achieve great results such as at the 2019 Winter Cup recently where Juan Carlos Canas TQed and won the E-buggy class. This conversion kit includes a […]

SWORKz S35-3 “Ready to Mount” body

See: SWORKz SWORKz have introduced a new “Ready to Mount” body for the S35-3 and S35-3E. The body comes pre-cut and pre-painted and need just some additional cutting (tank & head cooler) if you use it on the S35-3 Nitro Buggy. Decal sheet and the front nose are included.

SWORKz S35-3 series blue suspension mount inserts

See: SWORKz SWORKz have introduced a set of blue suspension mount inserts for S35-3 series of vehicles. The set includes all front and rear upper, lower inserts and caster clips to adjust the height and angle of the suspension pins in order to fine-tune the suspension settings and now also customize the look of the S35-3 […]

SWORKz S35-3E aluminium steering servo mount

See: SWORKz  SWORKz have introduced an aluminium steering servo mount for the S35-3E, S35-TE, Zeus and Apollo specially designed for Savöx servos. The steering servo mount is machined from high-quality aluminium and comes grey anodised. It is 2.5mm lower and sports a special hole to route the servo wire to the receiver.