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SWORKz S35-3 center brake disk holder

See: SWORKz  SWORKz have introduced new center brake disk holder for the S35-3 and S350. The center disk holder keeps the brake disk in the upright position to ensure that it is not going to rub too much against the brake pads. Thanks to the center disk holder, the brake disc also running more smoothly when […]

SWORKz S35-3 series blue suspension mount inserts

See: SWORKz SWORKz have introduced a set of blue suspension mount inserts for S35-3 series of vehicles. The set includes all front and rear upper, lower inserts and caster clips to adjust the height and angle of the suspension pins in order to fine-tune the suspension settings and now also customize the look of the S35-3 […]

RC Cars Cavalieri S35-3 carbon fibre shock towers

See: Rc Cars Cavalieri RC Cars Cavalieri have introduced the new front and rear carbon fibre shock towers for the SWORKz S35-3. The towers are machined from high-quality carbon fibre and were designed and tested in collaboration with Euro B champ’ Micha Widmaier. The carbon fibre shock towers are available in set or separately.

Under the Hood: S35-3 Jörn Neumann

Jörn Neumann – Germany  Chassis: SWORKz S35-3 Engine: Maxima Fuel: Maxima Tyres: Pro-Line Radio & Servos: Highest servos Event: The Neo Race, Spain          

SWORKz S35-3 series sway bar sets

See: SWORKz  SWORKz have introduced new front and rear sway bar sets for the S35-3 series of buggies. The sway bars are made in spring steel and laser etched for easy identification. The front set includes eight different sway bars from 2.0mm to 2.8mm, while the rear set includes of six different sway bars from 2.4mm […]

Tested RC Products S35-3 aluminum shock spring cups

See: Tested RC Products Tested RC Products have introduced new aluminum shock spring cups for SWORKz S35-3 series of vehicles. The cups are machined from high quality aluminium and come hard-coated for wear. The shock spring cups offer good clearance when the shocks is set to inside hole of front lower arms.

SWORKz S35-3 carbon fiber cover radio tray set

SWORKz have introduced the Pro Composite radio tray set with carbon fiber cover sfor the S35-3 and S35-T. The battery and receiver box covers are made by SWORKz in high quality carbon fiber and offer increased strength and lightness. The unique design from the battery box cover had a special 3rd screw point which can […]

SWORKz S35-3 Formula Lexan wing set

SWORKz have introduced the Formula wing set for the S35-3. The set is made up of three Lexan front wings; the Formula wing fits to the front bulkhead and provide lower CG and makes landing easier and faster during jumps. The towo other wings feature the same design as the composite carbon front upper down force […]