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SWORKz S-Power LPF “low profile” cooling head

See: SWORKz  SWORKz have introduced the LPF “low profile” cooling head for the S-Power S7 EVO II series, OS Speed Spec II/III and B2102 engines. The height of the heatsink is 24mm lower and the weight 10g lighter than the standard version. The LPF cooling head provides better balance especially during jumps and in high speed […]

S-Power coming soon

S-WORKz, the company behind the engine line S-Power (see the S- connection!) tell us that their engines will soon be available to the public, judging by the picture below they look pretty ready to run, either that or someone’s a bit good at PhotoShop. S-Power was one of the new brands we covered in our Engine Wars […]