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Posts tagged with Rhein Main warm up

German Elektro win for JQ

  THEeCar is supposed to ship within the next few weeks, but regardless of that, the first few production kits have been impressing around the world, with Chris Marrale winning in USA, JQ winning the RedBull GP in Russia just last week, and now again, winning in dominating fashion with his LRP powered THEeCar in […]

Rhein-Main Warm up

The annual ‘Warm up’ event at the Rhein-Main-Circuit just adjacent to Frankfurt airport in Germany opened up registration a week ago to much success as demand for places pretty much outstripped supply, however organisers are calling for more of an international flavour – the event attracting the best offroad racers of Germany but also the […]

RMV’s Rhein main video

Dani Reckward of RMV Deutschland put together the following video from the weekend’s Rhein Main Warm up race in Frankfurt, the videos quite long but gives you a nice idea of the track, layout, people and weather!

Rhein Main Warm up

Over the weekend the Rhein Main Circuit held their annual season ‘Warm up’ race – a popular fixture on many Europeans’ calendars, despite the race kicking off the Friday after Neo11 finished (Monday), it had a good turnout with 3 classes being run; buggy, truck and electric buggy. In the truck class, Hupo Honigl took […]

Rhein Main Entry

Entry for the Rhein-Main Warm up (28/04-01/05 opens tomorrow (11 Feb) at 20:00 European time. Organisers tell us that year on year they receive very high entry interest so, if you want to race then get your entry in quick! See the entry guide for further details.

Rhein-Main-Warm up entry date change

Organizers of the Rhein Main warm up in April have let us know that there has been a change of date when entry opens, its now 11th Feb @ 20:00 Euro time. See www.rhein-main-circuit.de