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Posts tagged with RC8B3e

LapMonitor RC8B3e transponder mount

See: LapMonitor LapMonitor have introduced a new transponder mount for the Team Associated RC8B3e series. Allowing a simple and fast install of the transponder, it provides a perfect detection with LapMonitor lap timing system. The mount is made of high resistant nylon and weights only 3g.

Imbue RC8B3 dogbone conversion kit & rulon pivot ball bushings

See: Imbue Motorsports Imbue Motorsports have introduced the aluminum dogbone conversion kit and rulon pivot ball bushings for the Team Associated RC8B3 and RC8B3e. The dogbone conversion kit offers all the benefits of an aluminum dogbone drivline, including reduced friction, lower rotating mass and improved fuel mileage. Also new is the rulon (Teflon) pivot ball bushings. […]

Team Associated RC8B3 HRC arm mounts

Coming from Team Associated and made for the RC8B3 and RC8B3e are the arm mounts with High Roll Center offer. These HRC arm mounts increase ground clearance for greater durability, since the pivots now sit 1mm higher off the ground. Additionally, they allow the racer to run a higher roll center for increased stability on […]

JConcepts RC8B3e Strike 2 body

JConcepts have introduced the Strike 2 for Team Associated RC8B3. The Strike 2 body samples elements from its famous relative to the Finnisher and Silencer bodies a slightly refined image. The foundation for the design of the “finger” on the front of the pod increases mid-corner steering while a complete wicker section was added to […]

T-Work’s RC8B3 aluminum CVA axles

See: T-Work’s T-Work’s have introduced aluminum CVA axles for the Team Associated RC8B3 and RC8B3E. Their hard coated surface in combination with high quality aluminum make them very durable. Package includes two axles that can be used in the front or rear position.

JConcepts RC8B3/RC8B3e carbon fiber parts

JConcepts have introduced  a new line of carbon fiber parts for the Team Associated RC8B3 and RC8B3e. First up are the front and rear shock towers made with carbon fiber material to better outfit and shed some weight. On both shock towers the design team has pin-pointed the exact geometry locations of the shock towers and designed a durable and lightweight […]

T-Work’s RC8B3 hard coated alu balls

See: T-Work’s T-Work’s have introduced a new range of hard coated aluminum balls for the Team Associated RC8B3 and RC8B3e. These balls are precision machined from high quality aluminum 7075-T6 and hard coated ensures greater protection against wear. The hard coated aluminum balls are available in the form of set with 22 parts or separately. The […]

T-Works RC8B3 pillow balls

See: T-Works T-Works have introduced new pillow balls for Team Associated RC8B3 and RC8B3e. These pillow balls are a direct replacement for the standard steel versions and they are available in two versions: hardened 7075 aluminum pillow balls with titanium shaft combining lightness and strength and hardened 7075 aluminum pillow balls with spring steel shaft heavier and […]