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Maifield & Cavalieri’s RC8 Prototypes

All eyes will be on the Team Associated team as the well-documented RC8 prototype makes its racing debut on US soil in the hands of Associated’s world famous drivers Ryan Maifield & Ryan Cavalieri! French Associated driver Yannick Aigoin set the pace early on in practice at the Montpellier GP last weekend and ensured a respectable if […]

Video: RC8 Prototype interview with designer Josh Alton

    We managed to negotiate our way to a short interview with RC8 designer Josh Alton who spoke to NeoBuggy exclusively about the new unreleased buggy. Whilst we were respectful of what we could film, there are plenty of photos of the exteriors of the car showing details. Josh did lift the body off […]

Thoughts on Associated’s RC8 debut

It came as a slight surprise to most as Team Associated debuted their new RC8 buggy in the hands of Yannick Aigoin at the Montpellier GP in France, only days before one of the ‘grand slam’ events – the Dirt Nitro Challenge in Phoenix AZ. Perhaps its only timing or perhaps a telling signal from […]

Prototype RC8 in Video

    Enjoy a World first exclusive video of Yannick Aigoin turning laps with the new Team Associated RC8 prototype buggy,here this weekend at Montpellier. See detailed photos of the car here

New RC8 prototype at Montpellier GP

We’d heard whisperings of it but its now official as Associated designer Josh Alton (you may recall he designed the Worlds winning HB D8) made the trip over from sunny California to test the new car with Yannick the weekend before the Dirt Nitro Challenge. Josh tells us that he can’t reveal any details  of […]