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RC-Project MBX8 Ackermann plate & steering arm set

Source: Italian company RC-Project have introduced a set of Ackermann plate and steering arms for the Mugen Seiki MBX8. Machined from high-quality Ergal 7075-T6, the parts come black anodized and laser-etched with RC-Project logo. The new Ackermann geometry gives more consistent cornering and improves cornering speed with an exceptional entry and mid-corner bump handling […]

RC-Project titanium clutch bell Limited Edition retaining screw

See: Italian-based RC-Project have introduced their new Limited Edition titanium clutch bell retaining screw for 1/8th Buggies, Trucks and GT cars. The screw is machined from highest quality Grade 5 6Al4V titanium to avoid thermal expansion may lead to loosening of the screw. The other advantage is that the screw can be screwed in […]

SWORKz appointed new RC Project distributor

See: SWORKz SWORKz have announced a partnership with the Italian company RC Project. SWORKz will be the worldwide distributor of the products from the Tuning company, except for the Italian market.

RC-Project XB8 titanium shock standoffs

See: Italian company RC-Project have introduced the new titanium shock standoffs for the XRAY XB8. Machined from high-quality 6Al4V titanium, the standoffs come hard coated for wear. The shock standoffs match the angle of the arm as well as the angle of the shocks in order to provide a proper suspension operation. The parts […]

RC-Project S35-3 Valente Edition lower shock screws

See: RC-Project Italian company RC-Project have introduced new Valente Edition lower shock screws for the SWORKz S35-3. CNC-machined from 7075-T6 Ergal, the shock screws come hard coated for wear and they sport black color right-hand thread and gold color left-hand thread pins. The diameter of the thread has been increased by 0.05mm to be able to […]

RC-Project Ti clutch retainer screw

See: Italian brand RC-Project have introduced a titanium clutch retainer screw. Machined from certified Grade 5 6Al4V titanium, the screw measures 8.5mm long but the screw head is only 2.5mm to avoid to touch the fuel tank in case of excessive chassis flex. The design eliminates any rubbing between the screw and the clutch […]

RC-Project aluminum fuel line plugs

See: RC-Project Italian company RC-Project have introduced new aluminium fuel line plugs. The plugs are CNC machined from Ergal 7075-T6 bars and feature fins facilitating installation and removal of the fuel tubing. The plugs inserted in the fuel tubing eliminate fuel leakage and the possibility of external elements intrusion. The aluminium fuel line plugs come as […]