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Pilot RC Products 1/10 buggy Orbit ceramic bearings

See: Pilot R/C Products Pilot RC Products have expanded their range of Orbit ceramic bearings with new sets of the Team Associated B6.1/T6.1/SC6.1/B74, TLR 22 5.0/22T 4.0, Yokomo YZ-4 SF/YZ-2/YZ-2T, Kyosho RB7/ZX7 and Serpent Spyder SRX-2 MM. Orbit bearings are precision crafted and produced from highest grade materials governing them the ABEC rating grade 7. Grade […]

Pro-Line RB7/B6 Velocity 2.2″ narrow front wheels

See: Pro-Line Pro-Line have introduced new Velocity 2.2″ narrow carpet front wheels for the Kyosho RB7 and Team Associated B6 and B6D. These narrow wheels are designed to fit Pro-Line’s narrow carpet front tires like the Wedge Squared and the Prism without needing to cut the wheel. Just like Pro-Line’s other Velocity wheels, they feature the […]

Kyosho RB7 front wing mount set

See: Kyosho Europe Kyosho have introduced a set of front wing mount for the RB7. The front wing adds downforce to the front tower and gives the car more cornering speed, especially keeping the front down when jumping into turns. The wing mount in front of the tower has less leverage on the chassis and gives […]

Exotek RB7 adjustable LiPo cups & mount system

See: Exotek Racing Exotek Racing have introduced the new adjustable LiPo cups battery hold system for the Kyosho RB7, RB6 and trucks. The option part allows to adjust the battery quickly, forward or way back, with ease as track conditions call for it. The LiPo cups battery hold system is machined from high-quality carbon fibre for […]

Exotek RB7 HD laydown motor plate

See: Exotek Racing Exotek Racing have introduced the new HD laydown motor plate for the Kyosho RB7. The 2 color anodized 7075 aluminium motor heatsink sports a polished black base with red chamfered accents. The heavy duty 3.25mm thick mounting plate is stronger than the stock plate therefore eliminating motor flex to insure better gear mesh […]

LFR RB7 A2 Tactic body

See: Leadfinger Racing Leadfinger Racing have introduced the new A2 Tactic body for the Kyosho Ultima RB7. Working with key features from their previous line of 1/8 bodies, and transferring ideas to the 2WD platform, yields a product that LFR customers have been waiting for. Like the A2 Tactic bodies before it, the RB7 body has […]

Kyosho RB7 front anti-roll bar set & Ti screw set

See: Kyosho Europe Kyosho have introduced new front anti-roll bar set and titanium screw set for the RB7. First up is the front anti-roll bar set. The new front anti-roll bars improve the traction and performance mainly on carpet surface. They improve also performance on cornering and keeping car with better position when approaching jumps. The […]

Kyosho RB7 1/10th 2wd buggy kit

See: Kyosho America Kyosho have introduced their new RB7 1/10th 2wd buggy kit. The RB7 features a 4mm shorter and 2.5mm thick chassis made of 7075 hard anodized aluminum, helps with faster cornering and increased grip with more flex.The front knuckles/hubs are improved for both better handling with updated ackerman locations, and increased material for […]