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Raceform Stadium Truck tyre gluing conversion kit

See: Raceform RC Raceform have introduced a tyre conversion kit designed to convert the Lazer buggy tyre gluing jig for gluing 2.2 Stadium Truck tyres. The conversion only takes a minute and allows with a single tool to gluing all 1/10 electric class tyres.

Raceform EB410 polycarbonate part kit

See: Raceform RC Raceform RC have introduced a kit with three polycarbonate option parts for the Tekno RC EB410. The parts are precision machined from new High Impact Modified Polycarbonate more durable and lightweigth compared to the previous version. The kit includes V2 rear and front polycarbonate shock towers, a rear sway bar holder for rear […]

Alex Zanchettin signs with Raceform

See: Raceform RC Raceform RC have announced the signing of italian driver Alex Zanchettin to their team. Alex will be using Raceform’s products in all races he will attend in the 2018 season. Alex has the following to say: “Its a big pleasure for me start work with RaceformRC. Your amazing products will help me to […]

Raceform Lazer Jig carpet/astro tyre conversion kit

See: Raceform Raceform have introduced a carpet and astro tyre conversion kit for the Lazer Jig 1/10 buggy tyre gluing tool. The conversion kit is designed to glues almost all 1/10 buggy tyres, including astro and carpet tyres which come usually in harder compound and whose lips are definitely harder to “peel” for glue application.

Raceform EB410 high wing mount with under wing diffuser

See: Raceform Raceform have introduced a high wing mount with under wing diffuser for the Tekno EB410. The under wing mount is precisely CNC machined from High Impact Clear Polycarbonate (Lexan) and weighs only 8 grams. Most after market wings’ sides are lower than the mounting area and not suitable for EB410. Raceform riser wing mount […]

Raceform EB410 electronic tray & polycarbonate shock towers

See: Raceform Raceform have introduced a electronic tray and polycarbonate shock towers for the Tekno EB410. First up is the electronic tray. Precisely machined and laser etched with a Raceform logo, the tray has enough area to hold the transponder, receiver, speed controller and capacitor. No modification is needed to fit the tray and only 4 […]

Raceform Lazer Jig 1/10 buggy tyre gluing jig

See: Raceform Raceform have added the new 1/10 Lazer Jig to their range of Lazer Jig tyre glueing station. Based on a proven design, Raceform have adapted their tire gluing jig to the 1/10 buggy class. Precisely Machined from Plexiglas to ensure a perfect and consistent gluing, the tyre gluing jig is compatible with 2wd front, […]

Raceform Lazer differential rebuild pit

See: Raceform Raceform have introduced a new differential rebuild pit for both 1/10 and 1/8 vehicles. The differential rebuild pit is designed to hold all types of differentials thanks to inserts to change hole size to suit 1/8 or 1/10 differential and also all parts in one tray system. The tray compartments come with a simple […]